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The Songs apart From CHASING MISERY were all written between 2005 and 2008.

The  first recordings made with Mike Wookey In Southampton in 2008. However the project stalled the following year when Mike moved to Paris and couldn't carry on.

Things didn't really get going again until 2010 when I met up With Paul Eastham, Who is the gifted  songwriter and front man, of internationally  renowned Southampton based band COAST.

It was when I had adapted the then unrecorded LET IT RAIN FOR ENGLAND into an England Football song GO WIN FOR ENGLAND that Paul become interested in doing the recording with fellow Coast band member Adam Bowden.The Football song was a success and won the Kent Radio Station  KMFM 2010 World Cup Song Completion and attracted local and national media attention                                                    

Over the next couple of years around several locations in Southampton, songs for the album that were left unfinished were completed or re-recorded by Paul. I have to say that if it wasn't. for the multi musical talents of Mr Eastham, this Album would not have sounded so great or been completed to such satisfaction. The final stage of this project came with the help of Mike Godden at the Sound on sound studio, at North Baddersley near Romsey, who helped with the re-recordings and the mastering.The album was originally going to be titled CHASING MISERY but I felt it might put people off and give the impression that it was too depressing.At the last minute I changed it to WAY PAST TIME which I felt reflected better the album's emotional breadth while acknowledging that its completion was well overdue! Finally, I would also like to thank Doug Harman for his fine contribution with regards to photography.                         


It wasn't until I hit a bit of a mid-life crisis back in 2005 that I got back into songwriting.The Songs on the Album were born out of this. Initially the songs that came out were angry and bitter which was fine,(SHE'S A SPIDER) but  I seemed to be writing that same song over and over again.!!!

However as I carried  on with the songwriting process  other emotions started to creep in 
which I feel has brought a broader canvas to proceedings. CHASING RAINBOWS/DANCE WITH ME were the first songs written which acknowledge the past while the person in the song was also trying to move on with their life.FEET BACK ON THE GROUND can be seen as a continuation of this theme  further down the line.

Life is both funny and sad,and I wanted the album to reflect this. CHASING MISERY might sound a bit depressing/self absorbed but I feel it's expressed with an ironic smile at the same time ,which brings an emotional balance.SAD LITTLE MAN again could be a tragic figure caught up in his own misery, but how can you you take it too seriously? 

I've tried to start off with an initial idea then twist it slightly.For example COULD HAVE BEEN SOMEONE  tackles classic "mid life crisis issues of identity" with a healthy dose of Self-Mockery!! This raises its ugly head again in YOU RE NOT HERE, and is never too far away in songs throughout the album.LET IT RAIN FOR ENGLAND I feel is a song that brings things to a full circle by looking back to a time of lost innocence before life got  complicated.!!!

I've tried to create an album where the songs hold together as a group,in which the listener goes on some sort of emotional journey. I was keen that the songs didn't outstay their welcome,and tried to create the right atmosphere musically without overpowering the lyrics.

Hope you Enjoy it



"Blind Alleys & Cul-De-Sacs" is a compilation Album made up of songs that were written by myself and Stuart Sillett between 1977-1980.

The songs had never been recorded to a standard  that sounded remotely Professional!!  We thought it Would be a nice idea if we could have the best of the songs recorded to a reasonable standard!!

The project became a labour of love between 2002 & 2005 as the songs choosen were recorded at different locations. Pete Lane & Matt Wiles in Ashford kent with Mike Wookey in southampton  coming in towards the end of the project.

I would also like to thank Doug Harman for his help in getting the booklet designed.


One of the problems in re-recording the  songs, was that I was attempting to recapture the voice of our youth,the spirit of songs that were nearly 30 years old!! In listening to it now I realise how difficult that was .

Consequently the Album is a bit of a "mixed bag" some songs coming across better than others.FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH (the earliest song here) still stands up melodicaly as one Of our strongest. NEWTOWN ON A WET MONDAY MORNING was probably the biggest surprise of all in successfully recreating a setting that felt so strong in our youth.

Other songs such as FOR WHEN GOD CALLS which we have always viewed as our greatest achievment melodically, I feel fails to capture the atmosphere & power of the melody. RELENTLESS STORM (our other great acheivment) was more successful if not the definitive version of a song that structually was always going to be difficult to record.

Some of the other stronger material such as LORRETTA/ I’M ON MY WAY DOWN/ WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS would have benefited if they had been recorded in a higher key consequently my vocals lack the energy required for more  convincing versions.

There was always going to be contention that some songs should have been included at the expense of others.In hindsight HOW MUCH YOUR LOVE & SWEET ENGLAND do seem rather disposable. Others in the sillett household felt so and it was only an afterthought that UNCLE JOE'S HOME (recorded by Stuart son Peter & Friends as a surprise For Us !!) was added on at the end of the album.

Despite such controversies both myself & Stuart are glad that we undertook the project and does provide an insight into our youthful humble attempts at the process of songwriting!! 

Blind Alleys... CD